Q: Does your technique require any money to use?

A: No, you can use this technique with a zero dollar budget. The guide lists several free ways and cheap ways to get similar results. Personally, I use several of the free methods, as well as some very cheap advertising (a few dollars a week is a great headstart), but I could easily make a nice income off of the free techniques alone. I also recommend a basic website (nothing fancy), and I recommend a host in my guide that costs $5 a month with two free domain names and unlimited domain hosting as well (there are also tons of free things included with the host such as $200 in free advertising credits, expensive software packages for free, etc.).

Q: Do you REALLY use this technique yourself to make money?

A: Yes! Unlike some other sites out there that try to sell you guides on making money online, I actually use my own techniques to generate thousands of dollars quite easily.

Q: If your secret technique works so well, why are you selling it?

A: Simple -- to make even more money. My secret technique has thousands and thousands of ways that it can be applied and used. As a result, there is no need for anyone to compete with each other. On top of that, I couldn't even come close to controlling a tiny fraction of the total possibilities with this even with an entire company working under me. Instead, I profit greatly off of my tiny niches using this technique and sell the guide on the side. Since there's no added competition, there's no reason for me not to sell the guide. Many internet marketers won't tell you this, but by the time they're selling a technique, it's old news and they probably aren't even using it themselves, which is why they are selling it. Not me!

Q: How much money can I expect to make with this?

A: To be honest with you, this can vary greatly from person to person. Perhaps a better question is this: how much work are you willing to put into it? My techniques don't require much work at all, but nothing will make you rich overnight if you don't put any time into it. With that being said, I honestly think that even a complete newcomer can be making hundreds of dollars within his first month after getting everything setup. If you follow my tips and put some work, time, and research into it, I honestly believe that people could be making thousands of dollars a month using this technique.

Q: How long will it take to put this technique to use? What skills do I need?

A: I recommend a basic website, but even free sites or blogs work. With that being said, as soon as you have one up, you can put this technique to use within minutes. My technique doesn't require fancy websites. In fact, sometimes simple, basic websites are even better. With a basic free website editor (that many hosts provide for free) or a free blog, I suspect that you can have everything you need in a matter of hours. So although having knowledge of how to run a website is useful, you definitely don't need it. Even complete newcomers will be able to use my technique.

Q: Do others use your secret technique?

A: I don't believe that even the top internet marketing gurus know of this technique or how powerful it can be. The people that do know about it don't tell anyone partly because they may think that if word gets out, it could hurt their profits. This isn't really the case unless hundreds of thousands of people start doing the same thing, which I would never let happen. There are a few people/sites that use my technique on a very large scale, but I tell you how you can beat them flat out in any particular niche quite easily.

Q: Can I really make money from not selling anything?

A: Yes! In fact, I bet you've already given someone money who has used my technique without knowing it. That's the beauty of it. You'll view that person as being extremely helpful, and you won't even know that they are profiting greatly from you. In fact, when I discovered this technique, I stopped selling things from my sites and made everything 100% free just to take advantage of this new technique and maximize profits.

Q: Is this something about being a Clickbank affiliate or cost-per-action programs?

A: No! This secret technique has nothing to do with any of those. Although being a Clickbank affiliate or using CPA programs on your site might work for some, I've found that you really need huge amounts of traffic to make a living off of it. I suspect that many of you have tried it and walked away with the same disappointing results. I've also found that promoting such things can sometimes be a huge waste of time unless you already have access to tons of traffic, as even if a few people end up buying the product that you're an affiliate for, they'll often use their own affiliate ID to steal the commission from you.

Q: Do I need much traffic to make money with this?

A: No! I'll tell you how you can profit from even 1 to 5 visitors a day quite easily. And I'm not talking about making a few pennies per person like with Adsense. You'll be making anywhere from several dollars to several hundred dollars (or more) per person that uses what you're giving away for free.

Q: Why are you so vague about your secret? Can't you tell us more?

A: I could tell you a bit more, but the secret is so easy that many of you would simply try it without following the important tips in my guide. As a result, you'd most likely fail. My secret technique is explained so that I don't think anyone could fail at it. I'm so confidant in my guide that I know the second you read it, you'll completely understand why it works and why I kept it a secret for only customers of my guide.

Q: It sounds too good to be true. How do I know you're not scamming me?

A: I know how you feel. I've found that many of the guides out there are either complete scams, or they are common-sense information that you can get for free. Not this! This guide is a gem! I'm so confidant in my guide that I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. I stand by my product 100% and would never take advantage of anyone.

Q: Do you offer support after I buy your product?

A: Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to take advantage of my free one-on-one consultations. The way I view it, if you succeed, I succeed. If you like my guide, you'll tell others about it, and everyone will be much happier. I find that offering support after the purchase is very helpful for many people, because they often are having problems because they're forgetting about one or two important steps that I mentioned in my guide. A little guidance goes a long way for them.

Q: Can I resell your guide or tell others what's in it?

A: Although I encourage people to be an affiliate of mine and get commission on sales that they make (this guide is a hot seller), I do not allow people to resell the guide on their own. The guide is 100% owned by me, and anyone trying to duplicate content from it or resell it without my permission will be pursued. By purchasing this guide, you also agree not to tell others what's in it. It's the only way for me to control the effectiveness of this technique. Even though I think I could sell a few hundred thousand copies without seeing any competition, I'm limited copies to only several thousand so that no one will ever have to worry about it getting out of hand. But you keeping your end of the deal about not releasing the information in this guide is very important too.

Q: What do I do if I don't have a credit card?

A: You can use Paypal to make a payment as well. If you still are unable to make a purchase, you can contact me at info@iwantpennies.com, and I'll work something out for you.

Q: Does your secret technique involve any black hat or shady tactics? Is it ethical?

A: My secret technique has no black hat or other shady tricks at all. It is completely ethical -- in fact, people will love you for it!

Q: Is your secret about pay-per-leads or related tactics?

A: No, my secret has nothing to do with pay-per-leads or other programs where you typically get a few pennies to a quarter or two for each of your visitors that signs up for another person's mailing list. Remember, my tactic typically brings several dollars to several hundred dollars per person, and you don't have to sell them anything. Once you read my secret guide, I'm sure the lightbulb will go off in your head and you'll realize that you probably have been giving someone else money this entire time.


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