We are always looking for new affiliates to help promote our products and services. If you own a website, or even if you don't, we offer some great ways to make some extra cash.
Perhaps the easiest way to get started right away is to sign up for a free account at if you haven't already. Once you have your free account, use this link: and replace "xxxx" with your clickbank ID name.

You can then immediately start to refer visitors to our site, and you'll be credited 50%* automatically for every sale (they're tracked by cookies to credit you even if they come back later to purchase it). You can use this link on any pay-per-click advertisements (Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture, etc.) or post it in related message boards or mailing lists that allow such posts. You can also copy and paste the following html into your website or e-mail and change "Click Here!" to whatever you want and replace "yourID" with your Clickbank ID name (below code should be on one line): <a href= target=_top>Click Here!</a>

Please note that our commission amount is subject to change at anytime. However, if you are about to post to your mailing list or website, feel free to contact us at to verify the commission amount. I'll often even raise the commission for a limited time if you are making a mention of it on your site or mailing list.

If you have any problems or need help writing a sales copy for our guide, you can feel free to contact us also for free help and support.

To our success,

Brian Koz
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